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Founded in 1998 by musician and journalist Markus Detmer, Staubgold is an acknowledged and acclaimed brand for experimental and electronic music from around the world.

Its roster can boast internationally known names like The Flying Lizards, Faust, To Rococo Rot, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Ekkehard Ehlers, Rafael Toral and Oren Ambarchi. In 2003, the label shifted its base from Cologne to Berlin and moved further to Perpignan in France in 2011.

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Staubgold introduces Cougouyou Music: Pascal Comelade & Armand Miralles 7" out now

august 2016

We are proud to introduce to you our new label Cougouyou Music, a division of Staubgold. Linked to our record store of the same name in Perpignan in the deep South of France, Cougouyou Music has a focus on the local scene in Northern and Southern Catalonia. The label will take off with a series of ten 7“ releases including artists like Pascal Comelade, The Liminanas, Brigitte Fontaine, Joy Rage and HelloLisa. Pascal Comelade and Armand "Frigico" Miralles recorded the four tracks on this ep as a duo in 1980. Three test pressings were made, but the ep was never released - until now. (more)
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Out now: Pascal Comelade's "Wings on rocks" 7"

august 2016

Pascal Comelade’s "Wings On Rocks" ep includes three tracks: an extract of the soundtrack for Bob Wilson’s ballet "Wings On Rocks" (1999) featuring Richard Pinhas (Heldon) on guitar, a previously unreleased track from 2009 and a new version of "The Nothing Twist", recorded with The Liminanas and featuring Xarim Aresté on guitar. (more)
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Out now: Telebossa's "Garagem Aurora"

june 2016

The waiting has paid off: With only their second album Telebossa have succeeded where others often need a life’s work - namely the creation of their own musical language. While Chico Mello and Nicholas Bussmann were still exploring the Bossa tradition through role models such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Caetano Veloso, and Joao Gilberto on their debut album from 2011, their mixture of Brazilian style elements and New Music has now become a model in its own right. (more)
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Out now: Vivien Goldman's "Resolutionary"

may 2016

There’s a myth about music critics that says we are frustrated, wannabe performers. Evidence to the contrary: Vivien Goldman. Ever since she migrated from pitching editors on the little-known music of Robert Nesta Marley to becoming one of the foremost chroniclers of the perfect storm of reggae, punk, hiphop and Afro-Beat, the London-born, New York-based Goldman has made documenting music her primary life work. But between 1979-82 Goldman was also a working musician, creating songs that, years later, would be sampled by The Roots and Madlib. These rare girl grooves are now collected for the first time on Resolutionary, courtesy of Staubgold Records. (more)
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Out now: Nicholas Desamory's second album

april 2016

Telebossa’s Nicholas Bussmann is once again, after 2012’s "Like You", transforming into Nicholas Desamory to release “You only need to know how it feels to believe” – a House album of such warmth and rough elegance, it will leave the scene all excited. House has always been an open genre, allowing to sample, adapt and incorporate other styles. On “You only need to know how it feels to believe”, it’s the reduced string and vocal arrangements that lead to this album’s specific sound – the warmth – and evoke at the same time the great Norman Whitfield and the infamous Arthur Russell. This is how House music has to be in 2016. (more)
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forthcoming releases


Los Pirañas, "La Diversión Que Hacía Falta En Mi País" lp
Costin Miereanu, "Luna Cinese" cd/lp/dl
on Cougouyou Music: The Limiñanas, "The Woods/The Inventor" 7"/dl
on Cougouyou Music: Joy Rage, "In my mind" 7"/dl