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Founded in 1998 by musician and journalist Markus Detmer, Staubgold is an acknowledged and acclaimed brand for experimental and electronic music from around the world.

Its roster can boast internationally known names like The Flying Lizards, Faust, To Rococo Rot, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Ekkehard Ehlers, Rafael Toral and Oren Ambarchi. In 2003, the label shifted its base from Cologne to Berlin and moved further to Perpignan in France in 2011.

Latest releases



Out now: "Attention l'Armée"

february 2018

Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide. Comes in high-quality full-colour gatefold sleeve with insert.
This radical report of a rebellious youth raising from the still glowing ashes of May 1968 brings to our ears a jazz as spiritual as revolutionary. Attention, disc is burning ! (more)
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Out now: exclusive The Vampyrs 7"

october 2017

A Belfast escapee finds himself in France at the start of the 21st century. Recruiting three French musicians with the same idea, nothing else for it than to depart on quest to find something real. The Vampyrs play up-tempo rock'n'roll with a penchant for 60's psych and freakbeat. Already an LP under their belts, they're celebrating the release of their first 7" on the Cougouyou Music label. (more)
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Out now: exclusive Hair & the Iotas 7"

october 2017

"OK ! This is the real sound ! Straight from the dirty South of France ! Given here and modelled by up-class-rated band Hair & the Iotas in their own Watthaus Studio, down their home city of Perpignan... This is songs & beat !!! - no inaudible sound magma for some I'm-in-search-of-a-rock-n-roll-identity fundamentalist sect, no vain retro posture, no technical demonstration - Hair & the Iotas are absolute, not extreme." (more)
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Out now: Rafael Toral's Space Solo 2

april 2017

"Space Solo 2 is the final release on the Space Program series, which started with Space (2006). Ten releases were originally projected, but the ideas I wanted to explore in a sustained and systematic way have already been fulfilled in these six records. For that and a number of other reasons, I decided that I will be able to move with more room and freedom outside this structure that is now completed.
The Solo series is meant to be reference documentation to my solo performance at the time of their release, on various instruments. Space Solo 2 showcases a different set of instruments from Space Solo 1, namely the Glove-controlled sinewaves from the first years, a rarely performed Modular Synthesizer solo, the Theremin-controlled Modulated Feedback and a contemporary approach to the Electrode Oscillator (featured on Space Solo 1 on a simpler configuration)." (more)
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Out now: exclusive The Llamps 7"

july 2017

Cougouyou Music is proud to present the first ever vinyl release by Perpignan’s The Llamps. Two beautiful slices of Catalan country pop by this fine group around (ex-) members of The Liminanas, The Bellas and T Time Fantasy. Limited to 300 copies worldwide. (more)
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Out now: Klangwart meets Le K on 7"

july 2017

In 2014 Cologne/Perpignan duo Klangwart travelled to Bogotà for a recording session with prolific Colombian group Meridian Brothers. "Monserrate“ is the first track from those sessions to be released - a collective composition by Markus Detmer and Timo Reuber with Juanita Añez Rothmann (voice), Valentina Añez Rothmann (voice), Eblis Álvarez (cello), Damián Ponce (drums) and César Quevedo (bass). Features a fine remix by Perpignan’s dub master Le K aka Sylvain Garcia on flipside. (more)
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Out now: new Los Pirañas vinyl-only album

february 2017

For more than 20 years Eblis Alvarez (Meridian Brothers), Mario Galeano (Frente Cumbiero, Ondatropica) and Pedro Ojeda (Romperayo, Sidestepper) have been exposed to latinamerican tropical types of music that for many years (and still these days) have been relegated to the last place of good taste. Vallenato, peruvian chicha, colombian raspa, champeta, some african sounds and cumbia in its different genres (sabanera, rabajada, sonidera) make part of the new style that Los Pirañas expose in the agitated Colombian music scene.
Their debut album "Toma Tu Jabón Kapax" is deliberately strident and still, you can easily dance to it. In 2013 they released the 7“ single "Salvemos Nuestro Folclor“ and a video directed by artists Mateo Rivano and Santiago Mora. Their second LP "La Diversión Que Hacía Falta En Mi País" was recorded in June 2014 in collaboration with Quantic (Will Hollland) recording on analogue tape and mixed live.
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forthcoming releases


Klangwart, "Bogotá" cd/lp/dl
Costin Miereanu, "Luna Cinese" cd/lp/dl