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Lume Lume . Alexander Balanescu & Various Artists


staubgold 16
2000. cd

During the Austrian Ars Electronica festival in September 2000, well-known Romanian composer Alexander Balanescu led a session group creating a 57-hour live soundtrack that was accompanied by daily performances. The artists performing were: Alexander Balanescu, To Rococo Rot, Rupert Huber, Sergio Messina, Isabella Bordoni, and Siegfried Ganhör.

The recordings of these sessions made by Austrian national radio ORF show a fascinating confrontation of differing musical methods and styles through the collaboration of internationally renowned artists representing different generations.

Balanescu himself edited the recordings to 17 pieces of various lengths, picking only the finest moments of this extraordinary four-day jam.

Alexander Balanescu about "Lume Lume": "I have experienced and come away with so much from Linz this year, working together with Sergio, members of To Rococo Rot, Siegfried, Rupert and Isabella. I was able to bring aspects of my music-making into sharp focus that would otherwise remain peripheral. These artists, with their own very particular areas of creativity, through an almost miraculous chemistry, managed to bring out the best of themselves and each other. I also learned how to play for and with the river, rain, wind, the changing sky, the back-drop of Linz's buildings, the passing ships, the people, dogs, the darkness and ourselves."