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Out now: exclusive HelloLisa 7"

january 2017

After last year’s acclaimed debut album "Laughter Drinks And Jiving Along“ and an invitation to the prolific Isle of Wight festival - thanks to The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess - HelloLisa present two brandnew and exclusive tracks in their typical Mediterranean Brit Pop style on this limited 7“ single.
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Out now: Brigitte Fontaine meets monsieuRdurand on a split 7"

january 2017

Cougouyou Music is proud to present on a limited 7" single Brigitte Fontaine’s masterpiece "Lettre À Monsieur Le Chef De Gare De La Tour De Carol", originally released on her legendary album "Comme À La Radio" in 1969. Fontaine is NOT an artist from Perpignan/Catalonia, but this beautiful track about the station master of the train station Latour-de-Carol, 1200 meters high in the Pyrenees, is emblematic for this region in the South of France.
Nothing is known about concrete music composer monsieuRdurand. Based in Perpignan, Durand presents two compositions and two surprises based on field recordings and found sounds.
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forthcoming releases


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Costin Miereanu, "Luna Cinese" cd/lp/dl
on Cougouyou Music: The Llamps, tba 7"/dl
on Cougouyou Music: Klangwart, "Monserrate" 7"/dl