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ruhig blut . Reuber


staubgold 18
2001. cd . dl . lp

"ruhig blut" (meaning "keep cool") is the second solo release by Timo Reuber, member of electronic duo Klangwart, after his amazing debut album "Anna" (staubgold 8).

The album is about swinging between poles - between A and B, city and countryside, living and working, ambient and beat. Reuber takes the artistic freedom and psychedelic spirit of the 70s, electronic equipment of the 80s and a 90s sound aesthetic to create his very own music for the new decade. The CD version includes a bonus track, "schlaf gut".

"Timo Reuber is the creator of burnished electronic surfaces with Markus Detmer as part of Klangwart. His latest solo offering comprises three carefully constructed pieces that nervously tweak the listener's expectations. Following an extended opening study of stillness and minutely shaded points of transition, the second track immediately hurls itself into a concentrated expresion of compressed distortion and relentless repetition that sweats, labours and interrupts itself to a merciless overload over 20 minutes. Which makes the small moments of dreamy quiescence contained in the closing composition, 'Schlaf gut', all the more welcome.” (The Wire)

“The album begins with a tranquil piece of harmonic drones and playful electronic sound droplets, a peaceful and nicely arranged piece with some interesting effects. The second track is more abrasive, made with what could almost be a heavily processed guitar, with a complex rhythm unfolding unpredictably and undergoing various shifts of pitch and timbre. This second piece is definitely music for a catharsis. The third and final piece returns to calm ground with some beautiful harmonic drones weaving a spell of comfort and warmth which ends the record rather nicely.

‘Ruhig Blut’ is all the more interesting for the way it shifts between these two elements, the one calm and tranquil (tracks 1 and 3), the other charged with energy, harshness and rhythm (track 2). The sounds are crystal clear and close, you can feel the grating sounds as if they were manifesting themselves physically before you, or breathe in the harmonic drift as if it surrounded the very space around you. Nicely done.” (Richard di Santo, Incursion)


Since 1998, Timo Reuber, member of Cologne electronic duo Klangwart with Markus Detmer, pursues a solo career in electronic music, which resulted in four much noted solo albums for the Staubgold label ("Anna", 2000; "ruhig blut", 2001; "Kintopp", 2005; "Südpol", 2007). In his solo-performances, he combines archaic singing techniques with rhythmic, delicate, ecstatic sound collages. Apart from his work as a musician, he continues to work for television, writing and developing screen-plays.