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Kiebitzreihe 7" . Gunter Adler


staubgold 12
2000. dl . lp

Two new sparkling electronic mini hits by Groenland Orchester member Jyrgen Hall after his previous release "15 Electronic Pieces" (staubgold 9). Featuring Felix Kubin on a side. Full-colour cover.

“My light sound material evaporated while using most advanced audio technologies. An overloaded Computer with malfunctions was the appropriated tool to rearrange the recordings that I made at Zollamt Aachen. The idea of Kiebitzreihe came to me when I rode through the place with the same name. Main elements of both pieces were artificial delay feedbacks created with an effect processor, playback errors and finally de-tunings of the original material. Kiebitzreihe I contains a spoken excerpt from Ilse Middendorf´s lecture on breathing art. ‘...You are dressed comfortable and wear house shoes’. Kiebitzreihe ll represents the result of my efforts to create a pleasing popular soundscape from difficult repetitive material.” (Gunter Adler)

Gunter Adler

Gunter Adler is the alter ego of Jürgen Hall, and together with Reznicek, is a member of Hamburg's dada pop super group Groenland Orchester who released two acclaimed albums on Staubgold ("Trigger Happiness" 1999, "Nurobic" 2001). A specialist for psycho-acoustics and psycho-physics, with a background in sound research und psycho-acoustics, he works on the edge of pop and experimental music.