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Anna . Reuber


staubgold 8
2000. lp

A passionate exploration of rhythm and sound.

The first solo release by Klangwart member Reuber, featuring guest musician Jürgen Hall (Groenland Orchester) on bass.



Since 1998, Timo Reuber, member of Cologne electronic duo Klangwart with Markus Detmer, pursues a solo career in electronic music, which resulted in four much noted solo albums for the Staubgold label ("Anna", 2000; "ruhig blut", 2001; "Kintopp", 2005; "Südpol", 2007). In his solo-performances, he combines archaic singing techniques with rhythmic, delicate, ecstatic sound collages. Apart from his work as a musician, he continues to work for television, writing and developing screen-plays.