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Audi & Goggo / Armgartburg . Reznicek


staubgold 4
1998. dl . lp

Extraordinary work by this audio and visual artist from Hamburg known for his releases on Wachsender Prozess and Odd Size as well as for collaborating with Klangkrieg.

This picture 10“ features two sparkling series of miniature musique concrete pieces. "Audi & Goggo“ - the stereo mix of the quadrophonic soundtrack to a multivision show - is entirely made of voice sounds taken from private family tapes of the years 1965-70. On "Armgartburg“ Reznicek works with sounds recorded in the house where he lives.

Music with many ipm (ideas per minute).


Reznicek is an entertainer and serious sound researcher combined in one person. His career as a noise artist began about 25 years ago - in early childhood - on the back seat of his parents' VW "Käfer". The car's machine fascinated and hypnotised him, because it seemed to produce sounds and rhythms that sounded like language and singing.

Trained in exploring and listening to such acoustic phenomena and with a background in improvised music, Reznicek started to work with concrete sounds at the end of the '80s. Since then he has composed several series of concrete music, mostly  with an emphasis on special sounds like voices, water and household noise.     

Besides that Reznicek also works with acoustic and electronic instruments. Educated as a classic guitar player he transferred the techniques and aesthetic from concrete music to the electric guitar which plays an important role in his work, especially on stage.

Since 1996 Reznicek has released several solo works (on Staubgold, Odd Size, Wachsender Prozess and Meeuw Muzak) and became known for his collaborations with Klangkrieg and Felix Kubin as well as for his "Las Vegas Show" with artist and painter Mariola Brillowska.

In 1998 he started two new musical projects: As Nova Huta he creates pieces out of common musical patterns, working only with cheap electronic organs; and in Groenland Orchester he plays electronic pop music together with his partner Jyrgen Hall (aka Gunter Adler). As a student of visual communication Reznicek also combines slide installations and films with his music.