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Strade Trasparenti . Various Artists


staubgold digital 9
2011. cd . dl

"Strade Trasparenti" features the original exclusive music by The Necks, David Grubbs, Mira Calix, Mute Socialite and O-Type made for the soundtrack of the film by Augusto Contento. The download version features 5 exclusive bonus tracks (see track listing).

The film "Strade Trasparenti (Transparent Roads)" delivers the physical sensations of a bus trip - it's so realistic it becomes oniric at times - and portrays Brazil's human variety in a series of encounters. The landscapes seen through the windows, the restaurants on the road, the testimonies of common and awfully endearing people are so touching, because they don't correspond to the stereotypes we have about this country. The soundtrack was composed by prestigious musicians from different countries especially for the film.

"Strade Trasparenti (Transparent Roads) is part of a tetralogy of films that are set in Brazil and share the same ethic and aesthetic principles. This film is not a trip in Brazil. It's rather a trip into the depths of Brazilian land and people. It is about Brazil, but not only. Brazil is a mirror used to reflect visions and arguments that could be universally valid.

Strade Trasparenti (Transparent Roads) is a cinevoyage, a ritual of initiation to the journey, to the discovery of the unknown, the indecipherable and the irreducible. It's to go beyond the logic of one's own national, cultural, perceptive borders."

(Augusto Contento, Director)


01. The Necks: Transparent Roads (28:09)

02. David Grubbs: To Know A Veil (10:32)

03. Mira Calix: I Carry You In My Heart (12:39)

04. Mute Socialite: Samba Outlaw (5:23)

05. O-Type: Shadowgram (23:03)

bonus tracks (download only):

06. David Grubbs: To Know A Veil Two (5:28)

07. David Grubbs: To Know A Veil Three (3:02)

08. Mira Calix: Circling (7:55)

09. Mute Socialite: Samba Transparent Roads (2:17)

10. O-Type: Transparent Roads (25:46)