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8 Guitars . Scott Horscroft


quecksilber 2
2003. cd . dl

8 Guitars is a finely balanced exploration of restraint and delicacy and is at the same time a full-blown raucous electro-catharsis. The sort of work that will satisfy not only the chin-stroking lovers of abstract electronica but also power-chord enthusiasts.

8 Guitars is a totally absorbing and trance-inducing work of psychedelic beauty. Here eight guitarists are patched to a computer; recorded and manipulated live with no overdubs. Each player observes strict, unchanging rhythmic patterns over the course of the recording. However, the dense, shifting rhythms in 8 Guitars are derived not from the physical attack of the performers, but through the complex interaction of the overtones and harmonic characteristics of the instruments themselves. This makes for one of the most unique and compelling works for electric guitars in recent memory.

8 Guitars is the first release by 24-years old Scott Horscroft from Sydney/Australia.

Scott Horscroft

Acclaimed Record Producer, Studio Owner, A&R Executive and Artist Manager Scott Horscroft developed his multi-faceted career by completing an Honours degree in Visual Arts, and spending time abroad conceptualising and constructing Virtual Installations.

Having attained such diverse knowledge and hands on experience, Scott began lecturing at a variety of colleges and universities, specialising in music composition, sound design, production techniques, music technology and experimental video. He also spent considerable time on the other side of the studio wall, composing and performing complex sound pieces such as "8 Guitars".

In 2002, Scott steered his course into full-time music composition and production working as a mixer, engineer and producer. He facilitated his skills by designing and developing Big Jesus Burger, a state of the art recording studio which has quickly established a reputation as one of Australia’s premier and most sought after facilities. Scott cut his teeth in production working with the best of the best, achieving critical acclaim and ARIA Award winning success with some of Australia’s most credible artists such as Silverchair, Birds of Tokyo, The Presets, The Sleepy Jackson, The Panics, Little Red and countless others.