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Before The Libretto . Lappetites, The


quecksilber 10
2005. cd . dl

The Lappetites is Eliane Radigue (France), Kaffe Matthews (UK), Antye Greie/AGF (Germany) and Ryoko Kuwajima (Japan). "Before the libretto" is the Lappetites' first release.

The Lappetites is a forum, a meeting place, a concept within which to make and exchange new music via digital and sonic linking games in remote and local places within a multispeaker playground.

The Lappetites was spawned from an evening Kaffe Matthews curated at Tonic, New York, April 2001 where o-blaat, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Marina Rosenfeld and herself played a 45 minute set. Matthews: "All electronics players, not only did we have this ridiculously new situation of improvising with a bunch of just girls, but the potential that evening inspired made it obvious that this format could be the start of this live electronics band idea. And so The Lappetites came into being." With other commitments, distance, travel costs and schedules, it was soon realised, that The Lappetites would be a forum within which to explore these ways of playing, and that members would come and go over time.

Lappetites, The

Eliane Radigue was born in Paris. She studied electroacoustic music techniques at RTF under Pierre Shaeffer and Pierre Henry, later becoming Henry's assistant at the Studio Apsome. She has had residencies at the New York University School of the Arts, at the University of Iowa, and at the California Institute of the Arts. In 1975, Radigue became a disciple of Tibetan Buddhism. After four years of study, she began a large-scale cycle of works based on the life of the 11th century Tibetan master Milarepa. Three recordings of this work, "Songs of Milarepa", "Jetsun Mila" and "Mila's Journey Inspired By A Dream", have been released by Lovely Music. Radigue's music has been performed throughout Europe and the United States. She currently lives in France, where she continues to compose electronic music and to study the teachings of the Tibetan lamas. 

Kaffe Matthews has been making and performing new electro-acoustic music since 1990. She is acknowledged as a leading figure and pioneer in the field of electronic improvisation and live composition making on average 50 performances a year worldwide. In 1997 she established the label Annette Works, releasing the best of these events on cd. Matthews makes site-specific sound works live, playing in the dark in the middle of the space, the audience surrounding her, the sounds moving around them. She uses self-designed software based matrices through which she pulls, pushes and reprocesses sounds live. She also collaborates and has worked and performed with many artists worldwide including Zeena Parkins, Sachiko M, Ikue Mori, Marina Rosenfeld, Pan Sonic, Oren Ambarchi, Alan Lamb, Christian Fennesz and pan-European electronics orchestra Mimeo.

AGF aka Antye Greie calls herself the e-poetess or powerful poemproducer in lack of a better description. She works mainly as a musician, producer, artist. Since 1996 permanently based in Berlin she was born and raised in East Germany and developed an early interest for music and poetry and philosophy. Recently she is exploring speech and spoken word in electronic music, sound installations, pop songs, calligraphy and in the world wide web. In addition to her solo projects, Antye Greie has received critical acclaim for her work with Laub, Craig Armstrong and Vladislav Delay (Luomo and agf/dlay) on labels such as Kitty-Yo and Mille Plateaux.

Ryoko Kuwajima is a Japanese sound and video artist. Her radical and chaotic compositions are mainly based on real-time manipulation of sitar sounds and feedback. In 2001 she founded the Melange label for music and video. She has been performing in Europe, Japan and the United States.