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The Secret Dub Life of The Flying Lizards . Flying Lizards, The


staubgold digital 7 . analog 3
2010. dl . lp

Jah Lloyd meets David Cunningham - the legendary recordings from 1978 for the first time available on vinyl.

"The source tapes for this LP were recorded in Jamaica by Jah Lloyd (Patrick Francis) as part of a series he made for Virgin Records' Front Line label. The original tapes were not released and were offered to me by Front Line's Jumbo Vanrennen with the suggestion that I should "remix" the music. I accepted the project, expecting lots of time in one of Virgin's studios to play with the music and the equipment, only to be presented with a mono master tape.

So I began to invent (or perhaps re-invent) techniques of editing, looping, filtering and subtraction to deal with unremixable mono material (these were the days before samplers). The subsequent work took a long time: as I thought it might be something of an indulgence I worked on it at weekends and evenings rather than let it interfere with other projects. The techniques used here expanded my vocabulary of musical electronic (as opposed to electronic music) treatments and appear in a very different form on records made at that time. Notably "Fourth Wall", my collaboration with Patti Palladin, and my production work on Michael Nyman's records. The original players remain unidentified. Jah Lloyd used various combinations of musicians but did not include who played on which tracks."

(David Cunningham)

Flying Lizards, The

Basic tracks recorded by Jah Lloyd, restructured and produced by David Cunningham for Piano Records. Keyboard on "Flicker" by Julian Marshall, other additions by David Cunningham.