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Space Solo 2 . Rafael Toral


staubgold 147
2017. cd . dl

"Space Solo 2 is the final release on the Space Program series, which started with Space (2006). Ten releases were originally projected, but the ideas I wanted to explore in a sustained and systematic way have already been fulfilled in these six records. For that and a number of other reasons, I decided that I will be able to move with more room and freedom outside this structure that is now completed.
The Solo series is meant to be reference documentation to my solo performance at the time of their release, on various instruments. Space Solo 2 showcases a different set of instruments from Space Solo 1, namely the Glove-controlled sinewaves from the first years, a rarely performed Modular Synthesizer solo, the Theremin-controlled Modulated Feedback and a contemporary approach to the Electrode Oscillator (featured on Space Solo 1 on a simpler configuration).
All tracks are edited recordings of real-time solo performance. As a rule in the Space Program, there is no processing or transformation of sounds, all sounds are heard as originally played (except for mastering sound calibration). There is no "programming" (as in sequencers or digital devices), no samples or software involved (except editing and mastering software and except tracks 9, 10, 11)."
(Rafael Toral, 2017)

Rafael Toral

Rafael Toral was considered in the 1990s "one of the most gifted and innovative guitarists of the decade" (Chicago Reader). He has collaborated with Jim O'Rourke, John Zorn, Alvin Lucier, Evan Parker, David Toop, Sonic Youth, Fennesz and many others, having played across Europe and the US, Canada and Japan. He's a member of the electronic orchestra MIMEO, alongside Keith Rowe and Peter Rehberg, and continues his long-term work with Sei Miguel.