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Swing Of A Mind / Stardust Special . Hair & the Iotas


cougouyou music 9
2017. dl . 7 inch

"OK ! This is the real sound ! Straight from the dirty South of France ! Given here and modelled by up-class-rated band HAIR & THE IOTAS in their own WATTHAUS STUDIO, down their home city of Perpignan... This is songs & beat !!! - no inaudible sound magma for some I'm-in-search-of-a-rock-n-roll-identity fundamentalist sect, no vain retro posture, no technical demonstration - HAIR & THE IOTAS are absolute, not extreme."
(Paul-Marc De Luigi / Les Maîtres du Son magazine)

Hair & the Iotas

"No place here to a pedigree, no useless facts, this is not history yet - just check the web, if you're in need. Maybe grab their previous records on their own WATTSVILLE label. But just don't pass these people by, for someday you'll hear of them as legends."
(Paul-Marc De Luigi / Les Maîtres du Son magazine)