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Born in a Night . Hassle Hound


staubgold digital 4 . analog 2
2010. cd . dl . lp

Apparently residing somewhere between Sesame Street and Sunset Boulevard, in a building that's part Heartbreak Hotel and part Pee Wee's Playhouse, Hassle Hound proffer dayglo audio animations and melancholic, cinematic avant-noir.

Born in a Night sees them continue their effervescent assault on bland Ikealectronica and insipid samplers. In this, their follow up to the critically acclaimed 'Limelight Cordial' (staubgold 65 cd/dl/lp, 2006), Hassle Hound integrate kindergarten kitsch with moodier psychedelicate moments, documenting a celestial domesticity with eccentric but compelling instrumentation and intriguing ideas. Their irreverent and eclectic approach results in a collection of complex, yet cohesive songs each with its own idiosyncratic sonic identity. Their curious blend of sampled sounds, field recordings, electronic noises and live instruments creates a simultaneously sophisticated and naive seduction where angelic melodies tussle with radiophonic dexterity, digital caresses, analogue whispers and jolly anarchy.

If Sun Ra and Joe Meek had been Hanna Barbera cartoon characters, this could well have been the soundtrack. Born in a night, it will deliver for a lifetime.

Hassle Hound

The band is comprised of three core members: Tony Swain (Glasgow), Mark Vernon (Glasgow) and Ela Orleans (New York). Each of them are also involved in their own side projects:

Ela Orleans has just had her second solo LP released on 'La Station Radar' to critical acclaim.

Mark Vernon is one half of sample hungry double act Vernon & Burns who have a new LP on Felix Kubin's Gagarin Records (

Tony Swain is currently recording material for his debut solo album on the Shadazz label.

"These folks delight in genre defying. Their extensive use of odd samples recalls People Like Us, musically they resemble a whimsical jazz band playing toy instruments, Young Marble Giants demos, or Cale era Velvets in a mellow mood. Bright, colorful, upbeat with stoned candy puzzles, and collaged delights in the corners..."

(Dream magazine)