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Gelatinosa Substancia . Norscq


staubgold digital 3
2009. cd . lp

Norscq is a prolific artist with an exceptionally fine ear for electronica that moves from ambient to the rhythmically explosive with a sonic continuity uniting the extremes.

His new solo album on Staubgold is also the soundtrack to a movie directed by Véronique Ruggia. As journalist Robert Scott writes: "'Gelatinosa Substantia' could be confused with the experimental American cinema from the 1950s or 60s and was discovered in an attic in a small town on the Brittany 2008 by Norscq. While over the decades the images have eroded, 'Gelatinosa Substantia' has an impeccable musical soundtrack hailed as 'pioneering and pivotal', so different from the usual musical electronic experiments cinéasts were dabbling with in the early days. The music, which Norscq has extracted and expertly treated frame by frame, was composed and designed to carry the drama, emotion and excitement that would normally be transmitted through the voices of the actors. The musical composition takes us on a journey in a physical way and often replaces the dialogue.

'Gelatinosa Substantia' is a strange curiosity. Firstly, the sound feels as though it had been recorded over a 50 year time span. The quality and sharpness of the recording fluctuates and evolves. Possibly improving along with the emergence of the newer recording equipment of the era. We sense that the musicians are always the same despite the radical changes in quality. 'They will play while they move, whether it be on a merry-go-round or a boat', underlined in one of the diaries. 'By way of this, the music will create the sensation of a voyage, that we are actually moving, even if the rhythm is slow and ebbing, or the drones leave us floating in space... the audience will rise to an unknown place. Out to the stars, as they watch the film'".


Norscq, a Paris based electronic musician, has been one of the key instigators of the French underground scene for more than 25 years.

He founded the iconoclastic cult group The Grief in 1984, producing 10 exceptional releases. He has also been the producer/engineer for a largerange of projects spanning from the electro-flamenco sounds of Von Magnet, the electro-acoustic experiments of the contemporary quartet Quattrophage, the intense dark techno of Mimetic Field or recently producing the contentious spoken word compositions by Black Sifichi and Negative Stencil - 'Tick'.