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100 Jahre Einsamkeit: Markus Detmer plays Staubgold . Various Artists


staubgold 100
2010. cd . dl

"100 Jahre Einsamkeit" is the 100th release on the Staubgold label which was founded in Cologne 12 years ago. Owner and label manager Markus Detmer himself carefully selected the tracks on this compilation from the Staubgold back catalogue. It's also the third part in the dj mix cd series "Plays Staubgold" after Peter Grummich's "Dinner Music For Clubbers" (staubgold 82, 2008) and Alec Empire's "Rauschgold" (staubgold 92, 2009). "100 Jahre Einsamkeit" marks the beginning and end of a long adventurous travel with old fellows and new friends. Now everything starts again. Staubgold becomes "Staubgold Digital" for downloads and cds and "Staubgold Analog" for vinyl. There will be no catalogue number 101.

When the first release came out on Staubgold in 1998 everything was so easy. There was a boom of electronica and experimental music, Mouse On Mars, Oval and To Rococo Rot gained a worldwide reputation, the little Cologne-based record shop A-Musik became an international distributor and home of countless new labels like Sonig, Tomlab, Karaoke Kalk and Staubgold. With a minimal promo budget the MAPSTATION album "Sleep, engine sleep" (confer track 1) by To Rococo Rot's bass player Stefan Schneider became the label's first success in 2000. Internationally acclaimed and commercially successful albums by TO ROCOCO ROT, VLADISLAV DELAY, EKKEHARD EHLERS and OREN AMBARCHI followed.

After moving to Berlin in 2003 the label musically opened, according to the new label slogan "Music Out Of Place". Oren Ambarchi produced pop music with SUN, the KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF introduced country and jazz to the label's profile, LEAFCUTTER JOHN played folktronica, FAUST and DALEK let krautrock and hip hop collide. Despite rapidly decreasing sales and smaller budgets from 2006 onwards the label still managed to produce high quality releases while at the same time further widening its musical spectrum.

100 releases against the mainstream, and still alive. That's a huge success.


01. MAPSTATION: I Begin To Know The Map

02. NORSCQ: Il Est Etrange De Voir A Quel Point Les Gens Sont Disposés A Se Laisser Abuser Par Les Apparences Magiques De L'Art

03. TO ROCOCO ROT: Autonachmittag

04. REUBER: Altweiber



07. THILGES: Oudische


09. CURSE OV DIALECT: Missionaries

10. DAVID LAST VS. ZULU: Necessary Evils

11. FAUST VS. DALEK: T-Electronique

12. EKKEHARD EHLERS: Ain't No Grave

13. OREN AMBARCHI: All Acrostics (Jim O'Rourke & Tim Barnes Remix)


15. HEAVEN AND: Bye And Bye I'm Going To See The King

16. HASSLE HOUND: Born In A Night

17. LEAFCUTTER JOHN: In The Morning

18. SUN: Reach For The Sky (Pluramon Remix)


20. JASMINA MASCHINA: Asleep (Minit Variation)

21. EKKEHARD EHLERS: Woolf Phrase

Markus Detmer's mixes are mixes without borders. For 10 years he’s playing in festivals and clubs around the world, presenting his sensitive sound collages of Psychedelic Music, Exotica, Jazz, Post Punk, Krautrock, Reggae and Electronic music from the 1920s to the 21st century. Creating warm and cosy atmospheres, Markus' DJ sets are aural movies both for extreme dancers and adventurous listeners, telling love stories with always happy endings !

Also founder and manager of the label Staubgold since 1998, Markus Detmer created an acknowledged and acclaimed brand for experimental, electronic and other music from around the world. Its roster can boast internationally known names like Faust, To Rococo Rot, Mapstation, Ekkehard Ehlers, Rafael Toral and Oren Ambarchi. In 2003 the label shifted its base from Cologne to Berlin.

In July 2010 Staubgold will release catalogue number 100, "100 Jahre Einsamkeit: Markus Detmer Plays Staubgold". This compilation features all the best tracks from the label mixed by Markus Detmer himself, following Peter Grummich's and Alec Empire's dj mix cds for Staubgold in 2008 and 2009.

Tasty multidimensional character Markus Detmer is also part of Klangwart, a minimalistic electronic duo formed in 1996 with Timo Reuber. With five albums released and a new one coming out on Staubgold in June 2010, "Sommer" (staubgold 99 cd/dl/lp), the music workers and sound explorers have already performed over a hundred concerts and established themselves as key players in the uncharted area between composed and improvised electronic music.