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Dinner Music For Clubbers: Peter Grummich Plays Staubgold . Various Artists


staubgold 82
2008. cd . dl

At first sight, the combination seems highly unlikely: On the one side, there's Peter Grummich, techno DJ and producer with a reputation of being one of Berlin's foremost party animals. With releases on Kompakt and Shitkatapult to his name, it seems he is wearing "a rumble-rave halo". On the other side, there's the Staubgold-label, a notorious A-Musik-supplier, which for the past ten years (take note!) has "addressed the synapses in head as well as the feelings on a gut level" (Leipziger Volkszeitung) on more than 80 releases.

One look at the motto on Grummich's myspace site reveals the common denominator: "No boundaries, just hot shit with love." Taking a closer look at the man reveals a more complex portrait (of, well, the artist) than most would have thought. Wrote Sascha Koesch in German electronic music magazine De:Bug: "His propinquity to Shitkatapult plus the occasional album on Kompakt make it almost inevitable, that most people will utter a finger-wagging and grinning 'Ouch!' when his name is mentioned. But if there is one thing that Grummich does not have, it is a rumble-rave halo. He hates rock snares, but loves italo (and disco in general). His father had been a DJ, and Grummich himself has been working the turntables for the last two decades, and – to make the confusion complete – he has been working for Discomania and released on Braintist."

"Dinner Music For Clubbers" presents music for the time before and after one hits the floor. No dance music, but music to listen to, which inspires, stimulates and gently widens one's aural perception (a kind of "vespertine music" if you will) – a complete menu, from the aperitif to the digestive. Thus this mix cd is Grummich's alternative draft (or, to put it more blatantly: the opposite) to the uniform "Buenavistabuddhabar"-ambient, which rules the cafés, bars and hip restaurants of this world with an iron fist.

track listing:

01. To Rococo Rot - Jackie's Dream (staubgold 73 cd)

02. Ehlers / Suchy / Hautzinger - Soundchambers 1 (staubgold 49 cd/lp)

03. Sack und Blumm - To Go To (staubgold 42 cd/lp)

04. Rafael Toral - Optical Flow (staubgold 17 lp)

05. Andrew Pekler - Pluck'd (staubgold 62 cd/lp)

06. Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Subnarkotisch (staubgold 77 cd/lp)

07. Alejandro Franov - Micerino Tema (staubgold 78 cd/lp)

08. Reuber - Spielkind (staubgold 8 lp)

09. Alejandro Franov - Luxor (staubgold 78 cd/lp)

10. Sun - Make It (Mapstation Remix) (staubgold 39 2cd/2lp)

11. No-Neck Blues Band and Embryo - Wieder Das Erste Mal (staubgold 67 cd/lp)

12. Peter Grummich - Sunbeams (kompakt 108 12")

13. Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Jinx (Version) (staubgold 77 cd/lp)

14. FS Blumm - Fehlsprung (staubgold 36 cd/lp)

15. Peter Grummich - Outro