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I'll Be The Same . Sun


staubgold 79
2007. cd . dl

Staubgold is prooud to present "I'll Be The Same", the second recording from Australian duo Sun.

The songs here are freewheeling pleasures where an unaffected sense of experimentalism breezes in. There's a special kind of warmth to "I'll Be The Same" that feels easy, a reflection of the state of play when these two musicians come together. And with Ambarchi now residing in Melbourne and Townend's imminent move to Tasmania, along with multiple touring and recording commitments for both, really the only thing about Sun that isn’t easy is finding the time to make it happen.

"I'll Be The Same" is finally a beaming signal of more to follow.

"Unlike the expansive and improvisational work of Ambarchi’s regular gig as a guitar un-player, this is low-key falsetto pop that’s as bright and beaming as it is mildly detached and thoughtful. 'Mosquito,’ the opener, is just gorgeous, a gentle roller that suggests a nice walk under sun-dappled canopies of trees. 'Bruise Things’ is less structured, and with its off-time percussion, ruminative acoustic guitar, and sound loops of children playing, it’s everything rambling memories always make you feel like. Sun can bring you up, but they can bring you down again, too; the beauty of it all is how nice they make you feel the whole time.“ (Johnny Loftus, Detour Mag)

“There’s a certain freewheeling feel to these pieces, the arrangements feel opportunistic, like that’s the way everything just fell together, yet it’s only after repeated listens that the tunes begin to consolidate and you realise how deceptive their compositions are. It sounds like two friends bonding together over their love of music. The music meanders slowly forward, unhurried, traveling at its own speed, seeming more immediate, spur of the moment, less considered. (...) The last piece, the seven and a half minute 'Smile’ brings to mind an acoustic version of a Crazy Horse jam, simple, long and hypnotic, and is a standout on a gorgeous album that seems to be paying heed to traditions but is way out on its own gentle freeform trip.” (Bob Baker Fish, Cyclic Defrost)


Sun is the coupling of sound artist Oren Ambarchi and musician-producer Chris Townend. The pair have been kindred spirits for many years, with Townend being a sensitive and crucial ear in engineering Ambarchi's landmark solo recordings.

It was their shared love for expansive pop that led them to their first musical collaboration together as Sun, released on Staubgold in 2003 (staubgold 39 2cd/2lp). The self-titled debut was a laidback delight of many melodic charms and artful creation, as sweet as it was wry in its lyricism.