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Organ Eye . Organ Eye


staubgold 74
2007. cd . dl . lp

The vinyl version is a limited edition of 250 copies in deluxe silk-screen sleeves.

The two raga-like tracks that comprise this first album equally reflect the qualities of the two contributing sides – Minit’s loop-driven fragmented melancholic electronics and the hypnotic and ritualistic electro-acoustic drone studies of Maranha and Machás. Such a union forms an intense patchwork of eternal sound vibration in which fuzzed-out organ riffs keep realigning themselves and ululating digital scree unravels in a series of convulsive but cyclic turns, while delicate violin descensions and processed harmonium drones draw out a pulsating soundspace.

Despite its monolithic nature there is a lot of detail, and repeated listening will reveal a moody, unfixed world of miniature vibrations, harmonics and noise. Amidst an overall somber, foreboding atmosphere are sublime moments of ecstasy and serenity in which also a sense of directionless-ness allows space to breath.

Organ Eye is a turn towards a live improvised form that neither party has explored on record before. Referencing not only the overdriven noise-drone workout of VU’s ‘Sister Ray’ but also the seminal teachings of the Young/Conrad/Riley axis, Organ Eye expresses a unanimous interest in the transportative / transcendental power of drone music and its various improvised forms - deconstructing the spiritual trip so as to be able to repossess it and make it their own.

Organ Eye - a volatile rocket of intense drone-mutation, fleeting sonic ghosts and suspended feedback on the brink of implosion. 44 minutes of vitriolic electric-acoustic drone. The outward and the inward eye.

Organ Eye

Born out of both creative empathy and chance, Organ Eye were formed in the wake of a live concert of David Maranha (Osso Exotico) and Minit (Jasmine Guffond & Torben Tilly), which took place at the ZDB Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal at the end of February 2005. With the addition of Patricia Machás (also a member of Osso Exotico), the quartet that now forms Organ Eye was completed and in March and December of 2006, they recorded their eponymous debut album.

Born in 1969, legendary Portugese underground figure David Maranha started his work in music in 1986, both solo and with the mythical group Osso Exótico of whom he is the founder. Plays and releases his music on a regular basis in Europe and in the USA, since then. His late works, using traditional or classical instruments sometimes modified, focus on small variations of harmonics and overtones, on the opposite of scientific, more in a ritualistic approach.