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Alphabet Dream Noise . Jasmina Maschina


staubgold digital 15 . analog 7
2011. cd . dl . lp

"Alphabet Dream Noise", the second full-length album from celebrated Australian musician Jasmine Guffond aka Jasmina Maschina continues her brave expedition into a musical dreamland as yet unknown. Firmly rooted in experimental electronics with an equal dedication to song, Jasmina’s folk soundscapes transport you into her beautiful world of sonic adventure, strong emotions, electronics, songs and deep love.

The journey starts with fresh new sounds, abstract yet organic floating among melodious, even catchy guitar lines and generated noise joy. After our initial take-off we hear basses warbling away at our feet and a rhythm hard to find in any conventional rock format. This pre-shadows the breath of a new world and when finally landed on this fantastic planet we encounter whole new life in Jasmina's voice. It seems to come from the deep center of one of those tropical flowers one sees in late night nature specials as her song reverberates off the petals, coming to caress our ears; fully foreign and bathed in lunar light.

Jasmina is not following some fashion made up by someone else before her. Instead there is something original, something truly creative. She is one who sings to her soul, one who has found her natural voice, one who has no trouble expressing any emotion whatsoever. She inhabits her own world, her own vast universe and we are merely invited in.

A culmination of sound, song and ambience.

Jasmina Maschina

Jasmine Guffond relocated to Berlin, Germany from Sydney, Australia with her experimental electronic duo MINIT (Sigma Editions/Staubgold). Firmly rooted in experimental electronics with an equal dedication to song, composition and free improvised music, as Jasmina Maschina she began recording songs in her Berlin homes producing her debut solo album, 'The Demolition Series', in 2008, for the German label Staubgold. Followed by touring throughout Europe, China and Australia, in 2010, Jasmina Maschina released a split LP/CD, 'City Splits #1 Berlin' with Golden Diskó Ship on Monika Enterprise.