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Remixed . Kammerflimmer Kollektief


staubgold 70
2006. cd . dl

After the successful and critically acclaimed release of Kammerflimmer Kollektief's "Absencen" album in 2005, Staubgold offers a killer collection of remixes, previously only released on two limited edition 12" EPs. Besides the eight mixes by JAN JELINEK, SUTEKH, AOKI TAKAMASA, SECONDO, RADIAN, NÔZE, DAVID LAST and LUMP200 which appeared on the vinyls, this cd also includes two exclusive bonus mixes by HANS APPELQVIST and David Last again, now under his POCKET PET alias.

"The result is a marvelous blend of rhythm and space covered with diffused grooves that is as varied and eclectic as the mix of involved artists." (

"If only to offer the world another opportunity to recall the Kammerflimmer Kollektief translates as Shimmering Collective, Staubgold has brought out the second of two 12"s containing specially commissioned remixes of tracks from the group's 2005 'Absencen' album. First time around, Jan Jelinek, Aoki Takamasa, Nôze and David Last stepped up to the plate. Now it's the turn of Sutekh, who makes a great job of setting Christopher Brunner's elegant vibraphone amid some slinky 303 runs; Radovan Scasascia under his Secondo alias, cutting 'Unstet' down to a series of screeches, scrawls and impacts; Lump200, having bouncy carefree fun with an echoing steel guitar on 'Nachtwache'; and Radian, who go all tense and spooky stretching out 'Equilibrium' till it can't take no more." (Ken Hollings, The Wire)

01 David Last - Matt (David Last's Doki Doki Rock Mix)

02 Aoki Takamasa - After The Rain-Remix

03 Nôze - Lichterloh-Remix

04 Jan Jelinek - Unstet-Schleifen

05 Sutekh - Absencen Remix

06 Lump200 - Nachtwache Remixed

07 Secondo - Unstet (Secondo Reshuffle)

08 Radian - Radian on Equilibrium

09 Hans Appelqvist - Shibboleth Remix

10 David Last - Matt (Pocket Pet Mix)

Kammerflimmer Kollektief

The Kammerflimmer Kollektief plays music, which should not be written down, for it would scorch the paper. The project, whose music meanders between precision and freedom, has been founded in 1996 by Thomas Weber.

Up to now, the Kollektief has released eight albums in all sorts of line-ups. Live performances all over the world are realized as a trio (with Heike Aumüller and Johannes Frisch).