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Embryonnck . Embryo & No-Neck Blues Band


staubgold 67
2006. cd . dl . lp

The cd version includes a 24-pages booklet with photos and linernotes, the limited vinyl edition comes in heavy cardboard sleeve with poster and inserts.

New York mavericks No-Neck Blues Band and Munich-based Krautrock band Embryo explore the indigenous urban music phenomenon on this, their debut collaborative release. Melding their wildly diverse forays into experimental, blues, Middle Eastern, Turkish and African music, these two groups have since become brothers in unparalleled improvisatory spirit, and ‘EmbryoNNCK’ is the fruit of that merge. To quote Christian Burchard, “The NNCK players were flying... Little melodies we never had heard, different moods, rhythmic interplays, and in between the music-making it was like we had been together all the time.”

“‘EmbryoNNCK’ is a sweet, innocent recording, and its improvisations pulsate with the warmth of breathing bodies. (...) The sound is big but gentle - at times there seem to be dozens of people playing at once, yet the tones are distinct and lusciously clear - and more than conjuring images of flower children and the haze of drugs, it asks that one gather together a dozen friends and act those images out. The skin offered to us is universal, a personal utopia in a small plastic box.” (Josie Clowney, Dusted Magazine) 

“’EmbryoNNCK’ - seven tracks and 44 minutes of concentrated musical collaboration, a fierce and uncompromising mesh of artistic visions that (is) surely among the year’s best experimental releases.“ (Jennifer Kelly, Pop Matters)

“From the start, the ensemble easily couples clang and clatter, Sturm und Drang. It’s how they all perceive their parts, their instruments: a guitar is wire and wood as much as it is frets and notes as it is a hard purple prick dancing in a slick soft fist. (...) Too great to be plied with pen, too dense to be thinned with word or song, one’s only recourse is usage—practice or procedure, a method to the music, which is truly what ‘EmbryoNNCK’ is at its base. Jug or jam band, guerilla outfit or neo-dada situationists, the two ensembles couldn’t be more similar, a resemblance seen easily from a mutual approach (...) from Red Hook to Munich, from Appalachia to Autobahn, first and last are all here, in the ‘Babel of sound and filth’ that continues to dwell within the folk free enough to let it be.“ (Stewart Voegtlin, Stylus Magazine)


One of the most original and innovative Krautrock bands, Embryo fused traditional ethnic music with their own jazzy space rock style. Over their 42-year existence, during which Christian Burchard has been the only consistent member, the group has traveled the world, playing with hundreds of different musicians and releasing over 30 records.

No-Neck Blues Band

"The greatest band ever in the history of the universe." (Sonic Youth on the No-Neck Blues Band)

The No-Neck Blues Band are one of the most enigmatic, mysterious, and defiantly anti-commercial groups to emerge from the New York loft scene during the '90s. The collective was formed in 1992 around a core of multi-instrumentalists who have stubbornly and admirably insisted on individual anonymity. Incorporating elements of folk, drone, psychedelia, free jazz, noise, and just about everything else, NNCK have nevertheless carved out a distinctive sound from complementary and disparate component elements.