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Punkt . Harald Sack Ziegler


staubgold 59
2005. cd . dl

A killer collection of Cologne-based legend Harald Sack Ziegler's greatest hits, fully re-mastered from his long out-of-print vinyl and cassette-only releases. None of these 22 tracks has ever been available on CD before.

“A spastic journey through goofy electronic pop that brings in bits of tons of different genres and an almost Dadaist sense of humor in places (…) To say the very least, it's a completely weird ride, with toy instruments, melodica, drum machines, guitars, and a slew of other instruments all contributing to the scatterbrained madness.” (Almost Cool)

“'Punkt' is a gobby blast of lo-fi punk-pop that in no way points to his later involvement with Mouse On Mars, Sack & Blumm and the A-Musik scene. Ranging in tone and quality from the scratchy bluster of 'Schokolade' through to the falsetto (and Clash-esque) crystalline punk of 'Bungalow', all the songs included on 'Punkt' feature Ziegler on vocals and just about everything else; the result being at turns dangerously addictive and cloyingly twee. Whilst such a plethora of half-baked ideas could have felled a lesser man, tracks like 'Sie Riecht So Gut' benefit hugely from their lack of finesse and present Ziegler as a wandering troubadour willing to drop everything to knock out a jaunty slice of Germanic skank-pop (see 'Neonlicht') or one-man-band mayhem ('Plastikblume')“. (Boomkat)

Harald Sack Ziegler

Besides his incredibly large discography produced as a solo artist over the past twenty years, Harald Sack Ziegler has released three critically- acclaimed albums with F.S. Blumm as Sack & Blumm, and continuously collaborated with Mouse On Mars, both live and in the studio.

An innovator and pioneer of the '80s German tape scene, Ziegler is a techno-Dadaist composer/pop artist of the highest order, known for his frenetic live shows with toy instruments. His shimmering mix of cheap electronica, German vocals, weird rhythms, samples and guitars almost always manages to stick to a more or less loose song format tending to appeal not only to fans of early German new wave, but also to anyone who has an inexhaustible love for wonky melodies and funky sound bites. A master of many instruments, Ziegler is as likely to whip out a French horn as he is a beat box, and "Punkt" collects more pop/noise/child music insouciance than you can shake a toy flute at.