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Tempo Technik Teamwork . Various Artists


staubgold 55
2004. cd . dl

Includes new and unreleased tracks by Ekkehard Ehlers and John Fruiscante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Sun, Klangwart and many more.

It's two years ago that the last Staubgold retrospective "Music out of place" (staubgold 35 cd/lp) appeared. Not only has the label moved its homebase from Cologne to Berlin, but it has also broadened its perspective on music. Back in 2002, Staubgold was synonymous with experimental and electronic music of all kinds. This notion has been increasingly disrupted by the addition of artists like Sun, Faust or FS Blumm to the Staubgold roster. Musicians like Mapstation, Reuber or Harald "Sack" Ziegler have increasingly combined acoustic and electronic instruments.

The idea of musical openness and blurred boundaries of musical genres has been vigorously pursued by label owner Makus Detmer through the label's release policy. The new compilation "Tempo Technik Teamwork" documents on two cds a multi-facetted program, the spectrum and individuality of which denies any attempts at categorisation.

“Excellent value double comp from the Wire favourite Staubgolders: 26 tunes wide featuring the likes of Faust, Mapstation, the frankly brilliant Minit, Wechsel Garland and World Standard, Sun, the still to be fully uncovered delights of Thilges 3, Agf, Ekkehard Ehlers fresh from his splendid Marz project for Karaoke Kalk, Michael J Schumacher - and actually too much more to list properly here. (…) Be our guest and investigate much further one of the most consistently interesting new music labels out there. Highly recommended.” (Boomkat)