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Kintopp . Reuber


staubgold 48
2005. cd . dl . lp

"Reuber’s best album and one of the biggest surprises of 2005. Nothing could prepare you for this delicate cinematic trip down psychedelic lane (...) Reuber has succeeded in producing an album that reunites psychedelic rock, progressive rock, and electronic music, without resorting to nostalgia. And in the end, despite the drums, organs, and guitars, Kintopp remains an electronica record dominated by the lightness and cheerfulness that have become calling cards of the German label Staubgold (...) It is a masterpiece of invention, concision, and cross-stylistic appeal." (François Couture, All Music Guide)

"Kintopp" (a colloquial German expression for "cinema") narrates a movie; instead of words, it creates images in the mind of the listener. In the style of a collage, associative sounds and sequences from various different musical contexts were reassembled and interwoven with each other. The new musical pieces thus composed offer plateaus rich in imagery and emotion -­ a point of departure for the audience's imagination, travelling alongside the story or beyond it.

"Kintopp" is the acclaimed Cologne musician Reuber’s third album. Reuber draws from many years of experience in the field of psychedelic electronic music, both solo and as one half of the duo Klangwart (with Markus Detmer) with whom he recorded two full-length albums ("Köln-Olpe", "Zwei").

"Conceptually, ‘Kintopp’ purports to be a musical film that provokes images in the listener's mind. If so, the movie in this case might be like a multi-hued, 40-minute National Geographic documentary of musical styles spanning the globe. Though it might have been a collage-like assortment of unrelated vignettes, Reuber fashions a seamless 'world music' travelogue with one piece often bleeding into another (...) Imagine ‘Kintopp’ as a wide-ranging musical travelogue with Reuber an explorative and enthusiastic guide." (Textura)


Since 1998, Timo Reuber, member of Cologne electronic duo Klangwart with Markus Detmer, pursues a solo career in electronic music, which resulted in four much noted solo albums for the Staubgold label ("Anna", 2000; "ruhig blut", 2001; "Kintopp", 2005; "Südpol", 2007). In his solo-performances, he combines archaic singing techniques with rhythmic, delicate, ecstatic sound collages. Apart from his work as a musician, he continues to work for television, writing and developing screen-plays.