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Tomorrow Will Be Like Today . Rand and Holland


staubgold 45
2003. cd . lp

Rand And Holland is the golden pop vehicle of a longstanding member of Sydney's experimental music scene, Brett Thompson.

Not unlike label-mates and fellow travelers Sun (Thompson works with Chris Townend and Scott Horscroft at Bigjesusburger Studios), Rand and Holland manage to produce maximum emotional impact by the simplest and most direct means.

Here every sound has integral purpose and meaning, drawing the listener into an intimate and uniquely personal world. Emotions are laid bare with an honesty and clarity rarely seen in pop music today. A stunning debut and one for the ages.

Built around the voice of Brett Thompson Rand And Holland love the spaces as much as they love the sounds. This sparse album recalls the moods of Mercury Rev, Yo La Tengo and Smog. Its songs manage to find the balance between epic and intimate, carried by a deeply resonant vocal and direct, unaffected lyricism.

"Tomorrow Will Be Like Today" was produced by both Brett Thompson and Sun’s Chris Townend. Guest musicians include Townend, Oren Ambarchi and Scott Horscroft.

Rand and Holland

Rand and Holland was created out of the home recordings of Brett Thompson, and materialized when these offerings became the basis for 2003’s Tomorrow Will Be Like Today. The debut received widespread acclaim for the unique pop sensibilities and disarming melodies that emerged from the collaborative efforts of Rand and Holland, all of which centered on Thompson’s songwriting. Rand and Holland has since gone through several transformations, borrowing skills for both studio and stage from Australia’s most revered musicians.

Emotionally obscured and creatively confident, Rand and Holland’s musical offerings represents a world of hope and a journey that benefits from despair. Eloquent and epic dreamscapes emerge to immerse the listener in a carefully crafted world of pop inspired folk, one that is as unsettling in its pop elements as it is comforting in its atmospheric embrace.

Taking cues from contemporary troubadours such as M Ward or Yo La Tengo, sonic explorers like Autistic Daughters and Leafcutter John, and the unspoiled musical antiquities of bluegrass, folk, and 60s pop, Rand and Holland explore the indie pop world from which their music emerges to create something incredibly relevant yet unique to the core.