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Sun . Sun


staubgold 39
2003. cd . lp

"Heartfelt melodies and crystalline guitars play throughout throbbing atmospherics. It all makes for soulful listening." (Rolling Stone Australia)

Staubgold proudly presents the self-titled debut album from the Sydney duo SUN, licensed from Australia's Preservation Records for exclusive worldwide release, and accompanied by a complete bonus remix album feat. mixes of all original tracks by Hrvatski, Mapstation, Pluramon, Christoph Heemann, Tom Recchion, Rafael Toral, Pimmon and Norbert Möslang (Voice Crack) to take Sun's heavenly pop into other dream states.

"The melodic and harmonic strength of the Beach Boys if they were backed by Tortoise or Low. Endless rewards are to be found." (Juice Magazine)

“It's not noise, or drone, or improv, or electronics - it's full on indie-pop! Really nice, too, with laid back drum beats, gentle vocals, and pretty guitar strum. They're called Sun (and there's some la la las sung) but they'll have you thinking of rainy days too with their lazy, wistful songs. It's got that 60s Beatles/Floyd filtered through 90s indie-pop thing. (…) Quite an international lineup of experimental artists there, reinterpreting the music of Sun in ways closer to what you're used to hearing from Ambarchi. Droney and fucked up, these mixes add a lot to the package, making it not just real nice but really interesting as well. And what other pretty pop duo would get Voice Crack to do a remix?? I guess Ambarchi might just be angling to become the next Jim O'Rourke.” (Aquarius Records)


Sun is the coupling of sound artist Oren Ambarchi and musician-producer Chris Townend. The pair have been kindred spirits for many years, with Townend being a sensitive and crucial ear in engineering Ambarchi's landmark solo recordings.

It was their shared love for expansive pop that led them to their first musical collaboration together as Sun, released on Staubgold in 2003 (staubgold 39 2cd/2lp). The self-titled debut was a laidback delight of many melodic charms and artful creation, as sweet as it was wry in its lyricism.