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Music Out Of Place . Various Artists


staubgold 35
2002. cd . dl . lp

"Music out of place", Staubgold's second label compilation, gives a beautiful and inspiring overview of the label's strong and diverse roster. Available in shops at the price of a 12", the compilation presents the core of Staubgold including already known acts like Ekkehard Ehlers, Mapstation and Institut Fuer Feinmotorik as well as introducing some artists that are new to the label - first of all Faust, but also F.S. Blumm and especially Sun, Oren Ambarchi's singer/songwriter pop project.

Featuring: Faust, F.S. Blumm, Ekkehard Ehlers, Mapstation, Oren Ambarchi, Sun, Joseph Suchy, Reuber, Harald Sack Ziegler feat. Marcus Schmickler, Institut Fuer Feinmotorik, Thilges 3, Scott Horscroft and Klangwart.